Friday, November 6, 2015

Top Ten New Horror Author
-- Horror Novel Reviews

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"The Man with the Blue Hat plays on paranoia, claustrophobia and a strong sense of mystery."

-- Matt Molgaard, Horror Novel Reviews
"I'm going to start backwards with this review...the ending, wow! That was not what I was expecting in the slightest. The plot was
paced well all the way through, but the ending itself kind of just crept up on me, and was suddenly right in front of me."

-- Laura Greenwood's Review of Black Adagio, Trips Down Imagination Road
"Ms. Potocki knows how to push the reader's buttons. It would make every Gothic novelist from the 1800's on stand up and give cheer!"

-- Ellen George's Review of The Vampire's Game, Amazon Top 100 Reviewer
"THRILL is a story of a good but bullied young man who decides to change his life and become enmeshed in a gang lifestyle at staggering costs to his life ... well-crafted ...
The mix of teen-coming-of-age-conflict, peer pressure, remorse, and voodoo revenge
is deftly managed and well handled."

-- Michael Sabourin,
"It doesn’t get much better than this.
Ms. Potocki is a talented genius when it comes to the Horror genre (I’ve been a fan ever since reading her
Black Adagio), so while I was expecting a wild ride when I began reading THRILL, nothing prepared me for the catastrophic events that lead the story where it must go ... And thrilled I was. I also couldn’t sleep or put down the book.”

-- Susan Ricci, Bestselling Author of Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems


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